東京シンフォニア Gluck Serenade (and ballet)


グルック セレナーデ(バレエ付き)

それなのに今日ではなぜ、その名前がほとんど知られていないのでしょうか? グルックの作品はほとんどがオペラとバレエ音楽だったのです。オペラ40曲、バレエ12曲。交響曲はほんの数曲、協奏曲は1曲だけでした。


メロディー ヴァイオリンソロ 芳賀夏子
弦楽のための交響曲 ト長調
ヴァイオリン協奏曲 ト長調 ヴァイオリンソロ 坂下夏淑

「ドン・ファン」 蒼木唯人
「女性 1 」嶋田静音羽
「女性 2 」 松浦花音
「スガナレル 」 五十嵐悠里
「騎士長/石の客」 木澤譲

Gluck Serenade (and ballet)

During Mozart’s time, the composer who was considered more established and (at that time) more famous was Salieri. The composer considered still more established and more famous even than Salieri was Gluck.

When Mozart settled in Vienna at age 25, Gluck was 67. Gluck’s operas and ballets dominated the great stages in all the major capitols of Europe.

So why do we know so little about Gluck’s music today? Over 40 operas and a dozen ballets comprised the heart of Gluck’s musical productivity. Symphonies: we found only a few brief works, difficult to find in print today. And as for concertos, there was but one!

We discovered that Gluck’s dramatic ballet Don Juan of 1761 was a revolutionary and highly influential work. Composed as a narrative ballet based on the Faustian legend, Don Juan directly influenced Mozart to create Don Giovanni.

For our September 18 performance, we sought artistic collaboration of noted dancer-choreographer Jo Kizawain creating dances for the dramatic action of the ballet Don Juan. On the Oji Hall stage directly in front of the Tokyo Sinfonia, Kizawa and select dancers will portray highlights from Don Juan. Don’t miss this!

Melodie for Violin & Strings (Violin solo: Natsuko Haga)
Symphony for Strings in G Major
Concerto for Violin & Strings in G Major(Violin solo: Kayoi Sakashita)
Ballet Suite from Don Juan

Don Juan: Yuito Aoki
Lady 1: Setoha Shimada
Lady2: Kanon Matsuura
Sganarelle: Yuri Igarashi
Commandant/Statue: Jo Kizawa

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Wed Sep 18, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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銀座王子ホール(Ginza Oji Hall )
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東京都中央区銀座2-10 Japan
東京シンフォニア Tokyo Sinfonia

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